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Jeung Ran Lee - Creator of Ms. Lee's

Who is Ms. Lee… is she a real person?

Yes I am! I was born in Korea and lived there many years. I was a researcher and lectured at several universities. My focus was Korean and Western traditions of music composition. I worked with a leading South Korean TV and radio network, collaborating with orchestras and contemporary singers. Together, we helped renew a love for our beautiful rural folk songs.

It’s rewarding to rediscover history’s good ideas. This is true with music and food. When I was young, my mother showed how to make Kimchi. It was my turn to learn about a traditional food that had proved itself with each new generation. I came to understand that Kimchi was something more than a simple dish. Like music and art, it was an expression of generosity.

Fast forward to now—I’ve been in Canada for more than a decade bringing Kimchi to Canadians via restaurants and markets. It’s a hit, so we’re expanding. The curious become customers who understand the wisdom of vegetable-centric diets, and fermented foods. Customers become fans. They like it and want more.

I have always felt privileged to expose these traditional, generous and beautiful things. I feel that what makes us happy, exists to be shared.